I help ambitious women balance all the parts of their life so they can feel present while still getting more sh*t done!

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Hi I'm Emily

And I like to break the rules.
Rules about what my body SHOULD look like. Rules about what kind of mother I SHOULD be. Rules about what kind of job I SHOULD have. Rules about putting everyone else first.
I'm a Mindset Coach (Master NLP & TLT & Hypnotherapy), Inspirational Speaker and Educator...aaand Mum of Two, study addict and chocolate lover.
I have cellulite and wrinkles that I love. I have a job that few people 'get'. I don't give out party favours at birthday parties. My girls sometimes eat toast for dinner.
My mindset coaching services help women who want to re-wire their mindset and feel more positive emotions, by reducing negative thoughts and the power of past events.

I empower my clients with simple strategies to create & experience the life they truly want and deserve.
Because the world needs more happy women. Women who unleash unapologetically their authentic self to love themselves first and spread the ripple effect onto others...

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What My Clients Say

  • If one session can make me feel like this about myself then I look forward to the end of 10 Weeks, I have to say I am amazed!

    Krystal 10 Week Uplevel Client
  • Emily keeps it honest and kind at the same time – keeping shit real with a useful set of tools not only helps me, but also is a positive influence on my gorgeous glowing daughters.

    Megan Regualar 1-1 Client
  • What a revelation and peace she brought into my life from just one session. I walked away feeling calm, focused and amazing. Thank you Emily for allowing me freedom from my thoughts and a kit overflowing with strategies.

    Jess Breakthrough Session

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