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Hi I'm Em Gee

And I like to break the rules.

I'm a spiritual hustler, strategic rule breaker, and extroverted mindfulness adopter.

With over 10 years in business marketing, education and now running multiple businesses. I've had to learn the hard way what 'rules' to follow and what ones are worth breaking.

As a Master NLP Practitioner and intuitive hypnotherapist, I have learnt the impact of our mind over our life and work, Without looking after our inner world, quite frankly, both your biz and your life is f*cked.

Yes, I swear for effect. Generally if you didn't like that you wouldn't have read this far, am I right?

I empower my clients with non B.S strategies for their mind and their biz to create the biggest f*cking impact that they were born for.

Because the world needs more successful entrepreneurs like you. Because together we can change the world.

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What My Clients Say

  • Em is so authentic in the way she teaches you. I am so excited that I have actually been able to resign from my corporate job and step into my kinesiology business. I really cannot thank Em enough for her support.

    Fiona Mastermind Client
  • I found Em to be real, raw, relatable and honest. I went from sick overworked employee to happy entrepreneur. She is a phenomenal coach and has helped me so much, my life completely changed.

    Elaine 1:1 Client
  • I am just so grateful that I found Em, I've had my best months in business and I couldn't have done it without her support!

    Michelle 1-1 Client

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