“Holy wowness, what a revelation and peace she brought into my life”

Portrait of Jess, one of Emily's Breakthrough Session clients
Jess Baker
Mum of two, Personal Trainer

I’m the real Em Gee. Spiritual gangsta, mother hustler, passionate personal development junkie and entrepreneur.

I coach, speak and mentor people and organisations all over the world to expand their mind, expand possibilities, and create MORE impact.

They say the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, usually do.

So call me crazy.

My journey in the personal development industry started as many do – with my own awakening and transformation.

After working with women all over the world in a variety of formats – 1:1 coaching, speaking, memberships, courses and masterminds – I had a new awakening.

I realised I need to do more to make more impact.

And so now I work with entrepreneurs transitioning to their next level.

Because as an entrepreneur I know the roller-coaster ride of emotions, strategies, mindset and coffee/wine/chocolate overload that happens.

But you have a gift to share with the world. An impact to have on the world. So I am here to help you unleash your most empowered self to create an impact beyond what you ever thought possible.

If one session can make me feel this good about myself, then I look forward to the end of 10 weeks! I have to say I am amazed!
Portait of Krystal, one of Emily's 10 Week Uplevel Clients
Krystal Wiggins
Foster Mum, School Principal

With a degree in business marketing, a Grad Dip in Education, Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnosis. AND also mum to two gorgeous girls… I understand the juggle and the struggle.

Working with me combines the woo, the science and the strategy for high optimised performance and results.

Featured in blogs, podcasts and television… it is my mission to help other entrepreneurs step into their big impact vision.

Random interesting facts that you may or may not find interesting about me

  • I never really learnt to ride a bike until I was 19, just before I went to Vietnam and rode on some of the busiest streets in the world!
  • Fresh tomatoes are the devil… they literally make we want to vom
  • Studying is my jam donut… I LOVE learning. I cannot think of a time in my life when I haven’t been studying something new.
  • I’ve always believed ‘I am not a runner’.. but this year went and ran a 1/2 marathon woop woop run Forrest!!
  • My daughter Rori, was originally born Rory. No she didn’t have a sex change, I had a change of heart and when she was 3months old we changed the spelling of her name.
  • I grew up in at least 7 different houses.
  • Originally I am from Ngongotaha, New Zealand. I now live in Albany, Western Australia. I’ve lost count of all the places in between.
  • I once vandalised a boyfriends car for cheating on me with one of my best friends at the time. I hope writing this on the internet doesn’t get me arrested. I have better coping strategies now lol.
  • When I was 5 I had so much anger, I needed to see a psychologist. She gave me an angry pillow to beat up. I still think about that pillow now if I get angry (which isn’t very often thank goodness!)
  • I love ALL kinds of exercise (I’m not sick in the head I swear), I can’t fit in all the exercise I want to do! I love the gym, boxing, dancing, running, swimming, yoga… I need more days in the week (or less children who require my attention, but I suppose I am not willing to give them up haha)
  • Hubby and I have 2 daughters. Shop is now CLOSED. I am done and dusted. Any tips for convincing hubby to get the snip appreciated.

I'm totes qualified

As I said I have studied a lot soooo;

  • NLP and TLT Master Practitioner (NLPAA Approved and Internationally Recognised Qualification)
  • Hypnotherapist (intuitive..NOT scripted)
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing Major)
  • Cert III and IV Fitness
  • Diploma in Travel & Tourism
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Primary School)
  • Cert IV Training and Assessment

Plus certificates/additional study in Meditation, Pre and Post Natal Exercise, ZUU, Neurological Studies, ESL/EALD..and more I can’t even fathom consciously. Ask me next time I have 2.5 glasses of Pinot Noir.

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