How to STOP Yourself From Overeating with this #mumhack!

Do you find yourself overeating often…

Even when you’re not hungry

..and then feeling guilty about it?

In the past this happened to me a lot.

Until I learnt an amazing brain hack

Thought loops..

Are when your brain gets stuck on a thought error, on loop like an annoying crazy frog track on a single CD!

You keep thinking ‘I need to eat this, I need to open the fridge’

But in reality you are full, you don’t need any more food

So HOW do we change this thought loop and stop ourselves from overeating?

With this 2 step mumhack…

1. Recognise the thought loop

Notice you are stuck in the eating thought loop, tell yourself ‘this is an error, I am not hungry so this is a thought loop I am stuck on’

2. Shift the energy

While stuck on this thought loop, you are using brain energy to focus on it. This means you need to shift this energy to something else. Telling yourself NO will just create MORE energy. Instead, do something else that is meaningful. Read a book, call a friend, look at a photo book (not your phone), organise your laundry.

You can use this process with ANY thought loop, whether it is to do with food, exercise, relationships, work… 

Any thought you are stuck on and is not serving a purpose.

Go back to that process… Recognise and Shift.

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