I’m the Mother Flipper

In my late teens and early 20’s I considered myself quite the gangster rapper, especially after a few smirnoff blacks, and thought I might share a quick rhyme for you.

Flip it now, flip it good, flip that mindset like you should!

(Are you cringing yet?)

Now that the embarrassing ice breaker is over… let’s seriously have a chat about what the FLIP you can do this week to make it FLIPPIN’ AMAZING.

1. Flip that frown upside down

Change your focus to the positives! Wake up and think about one thing you are looking forward to that day. Walk to the toilet with a smile on your face. Laugh and play with the kids.

2. Flip some activewear into the washing machine

After you’ve sweated in it, of course. It’s getting colder, but lady you can get hotter! Get your sweat up and praise your amazingness for it, then flip it in the washing machine like you own that shit.

3. Flip on your kettle.

Get some hot lemon water into you. NO it’s not a bloody detox, its because it tastes better than plain hot water haha. And apparently there are health benefits 😛

4. Flip on the kids trampoline

My daughter got a trampoline for her birthday last week. Seriously I think I will use it just as much as her. Do something this week that you haven’t done since you were a kid. You have kids…so blame it on them if it goes pear shaped 😀

Have a flippin’ awesome week. See you on the flip side!

P.S. I no shit have been pissing myself writing this, I’m sure it’s not that flippin’ funny but I hope you at least got a giggle.

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