I help ambitious women balance all the different parts of their lives, so they can feel more present and get more done!

Want to ditch the B.S from your past and get ready for an amazing present and future?

Want to manage your thoughts and emotions better?

Do you lack time, motivation and energy?

Do you want to reveal your powerful, brave self?

If you answered ‘YES’ to any of these things then you need to be in the tribe!

Take me to the Tribe!

The Re-write Your Story Podcast with Emily Smithis where I share my story with you and how I used some incredibly powerful tools to re-write my past, present and future.

I’m here to share this with you so you TOO can see, know and practice re-writing your own personal story and create the life your truly deserve and desire. So let’s dive in and get started…

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This is not just about ‘positive thinking’ ladies. Oh no, this is so much more than that.
You can try to positive think all you like (good luck) but you and me, we both know, it’s not always as easy as that.
What I’m going to teach you is groundbreaking stuff. It’s what has helped me:
  • come off anxiety medication,
  • go from making a loss in business 2 years ago to $12,000 this month,
  • reconnect with my husband and kids,
  • go from being a non-runner to running a half marathon non-stop.
To name just a few…
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Support Group for women who want to focus on FEELING amazing from mindset out! Positive psychology, mindset practices, fitness, physical and mental strength, brain hacks and more!!!

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8 weeks of uncovering the MAGIC within you to manifest ABUNDANCE in all areas of life.


  • You’re ready for MORE abundance in all areas of your life; finances, relationships, connections, freedom, love, career, business…
  • You’d love to understand and practice hypnotising yourself into a state of manifesting abundance daily!
  • It’s your TIME to harness your magnetic power to bring to you all the happiness and joy you can possibly feel.
  • You’d love to understand how to truly and deeply TRUST yourself and the universe so that you are UNSTOPPABLE.
  • Manifestation is something you know a little about, but you want to seriously SUPERCHARGE your manifestation magic so you become an abundance magnet!
  • You want to harness both ‘woo’ and science based strategies in order to understand how you can manifest ANYTHING and know deeply that anything is possible for YOU.
  • You want to cultivate the perfect balance of structure and flow so you feel aligned while being ambitious!
  • You’re ready to make the impact you were destined to make on this earth!

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