5 Simple Steps to a Long Term Fitness Habit

Do you ever feel like you repeat yourself over and over to your kids.. (or hubby!) .. and yet they don’t seem to get the message?

You’re not even like..just hinting..you are flat out telling them how it is and yet it still doesn’t process.


It’s just like when you decide you’re going to get fit. You are telling your brain, friends, body…everything… “It’s time to get fit”

And somehow the whole process gets hijacked.

So I want to give you my 5 Simple Steps to a long term fitness habit…

The trick is doing these 5 steps every single day, even if it is in a super small capacity.

1. Decide – Wake up and decide to be fit. Say it out loud ‘I am going to be fit today’.

2. Commit – Do something that commits you to the decision. Book a class, a walk with a friend, put on your activewear.

3. ACT – DO THE DAMN EXERCISE! Even if it is just 2 mins!

4. Succeed –  Once you have done your exercise, celebrate the success, you did it! Tell yourself ‘I have been fit today and I can do it again and again!’

5. Repeat – Do it all again tomorrow! We are what we do repeatedly.

Sound straight forward enough?

Sure, but a lot of you won’t actually take the next step and make it happen..

So what can you do to commit to these 5 steps and make the necessary changes you need?

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