You’re a female entrepreneur who wants to be unstoppable in marketing and mindset? Let’s do it!

I have 4 incredible courses outlined below, but before you purchase them – make sure you check out The Biz Rebelution. In this low cost membership, you get access to ALL of my courses at a fraction of the cost!

Em Gee

My Signature Course - Simply Unstoppable!

The simple way to eliminate overwhelm and get organised AF, so you can focus on what matters in your business.

The O.C.C - The Online Course Course

The course you need to create your first online course or program

Simplify Your Business to AMPLIFY Results - mini course

Four Modules to take your business from throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks, to simple and POWERFUL offers that convert your ideal customers into paying clients #chaching!

Unstoppable CEO Unleashed!

Step into CEO MODE in your business. Unleash next level thinking to play f*cking big and take on a whole new level to create epic results!

"I did a VIP week with Em and it was phenomenal. I was able to work through limiting beliefs, created a strategy that elevated me in my business and achieved so much in just 1 week. I highly, highly recommend working with Em. She is the best cheerleader to have by your side whilst your growing or scaling your business. I love and adore her and grateful to have been a client of hers."
Renae O'Neill

Are you an entrepreneur that wants to think and play big with an unstoppable mindset and strategy?

Here’s how you can work with me!

Em Gee

The UNSTOPPABLES Hybrid 1:1 + group coaching experience

An exclusive hybrid 1:1 + group coaching program for female entrepreneurs who want to be UNSTOPPABLE in business!

VIP with Em Gee

Spend a week with me mapping out the actions you need to take to SMASH your next business goal! My zone of genius is taking big ideas and breaking them down into achievable steps, while generating out of the box marketing ideas to make sure you stand out in the process.

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Keynote speaker, educator, and social media marketer

Em Gee is a powerful, inspirational and educational speaker who knows how to engage her audience. Available for keynotes, workshops, podcasts, and MC.