Do You Love Your Body? No? Read This

‘I love and accept my body’

How often do you say this to yourself?

I’d bet – not often!

I went LIVE in my free facebook group to discuss body love as a Mum.

I wanted to share with you the content so you can use it too.

Unfortunately there are too many Mum’s who believe loving themselves is not necessary.

In fact many that believe spending time loving their bodies is selfish.

Let me challenge you to think the opposite.

Look at it this way, if you are self loathing…how much time do you actually spend thinking about yourself?

How do these thoughts make you behave?

If you think about it, the more time you spend hating yourself, judging and comparing yourself to others, the less time you have to be present with your surroundings.

I have found the more I practice self love, the less I think about myself, and the more time I have to think about others i.e. my family.

Thoughts create energy.

Think about a stressful event in your life that was out of your control…you weren’t able to DO anything about it but the thoughts were extremely stressful and they make you TIRED. Because thoughts have energy!

In order to be the best version of ourselves and the best mum…we NEED to practice self love so instead of spending time thinking hateful thoughts about our bodies, we can spend time being present with our family and creating space for love of all forms.

Now you know WHY this is so important… of course it is important to know HOW

The journey is different for everyone and is constantly changing. It’s a journey that lasts forever and will sometimes be hard and other times be easy.

You cannot compare your body love journey to another person, just like you cant compare your physical body to other mums.

All healthy bodies look different!!

Here are some take home strategies you can use

1. Positive affirmations

Check out Louise Hay and her affirmations. Choose one or two that resonate with you. Say them in the mirror every day with confidence. 

2. Boundaries for social media

Manage the time you spend on social media – there’s apps that can remind you to switch it off! 

Also stop following social media influencers whose posts make you think negative thoughts.

3. Treat yourself like a child

Would you cringe and look at your child and say ‘ugh you are disgusting for eating that, you’re already so fat!’… Nope! So don’t say it to yourself.

4. Create Positive Habits

Focus on ADDING positive habits rather than taking away negative ones. As you add good habits you will create more space for good and less space for bad ones.

5. Celebrate successes with healthy rewards

Make a list of healthy rewards and celebrate your wins! Drank 2L of water today? Jump up and down shouting ‘I did it!”. Exercised 3 days in a row? Treat yourself to a bath alone after the kids are in bed.

6. Appreciation and gratitude

Set a mason jar and note pad on your bedside table. Each night write down one thing you are grateful your body CAN DO. Even if you write the same thing 5 times before you can think of anything else, repeat! Keep doing it!

“There is nothing wrong with your body, but there is a lot wrong with the messages trying to convince you otherwise”

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