Don’t Be The Queen of Excuses

Now onto today’s SUPER important topic:


If you’re anything like I was, you are the queen of excuses.

Want to know my NUMBER ONE TIP to ditch those excuses for good?

This strategy is one that got me to the gym today even though I was up all night with a teething baby.

This strategy is what made me do a quick 7min workout last week when I ‘had no time’.

Ready for it?..


Why? Motivation comes and goes in every.single.person, I promise you.

Those who are successful in being fit and healthy in the long term, are the ones who make it a HABIT.

So, how do you stop relying on motivation and start relying on habits?


You need to move with purpose every single day for between 2-3 months before it becomes a habit.

And it truly only needs to be a few minutes.

Here’s the steps to implement this:

  1. Pick something that happens every single day e.g. waking up, having coffee, tidying up kids toys
  2. Attach a short workout to that action every day.
  3. Say everyday “After I____(e.g. get out of bed) I exercise”
  4. DO IT for 2-3 months and record it in your Habit Tracker
  5. Then one day when you miss out for some reason…it will feel weird…then you know it’s a HABIT

Do not tell me you don’t have 5-10mins a day, you do.

I promise you that is all you need for now to create a habit and get long lasting results.

Once you have a habit – you will easily be able to do more because you already have a cue every day to move with purpose!

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