How to Change Your Thoughts, to Change Your Life…

Thoughts become things.

Have you heard of this before?

Maybe you’re like me and when you heard it thought “that’s a bit woo woo”

Like it’s just based on someones belief.

As I have recently learnt however.. the statement ‘thoughts become things’, is a SCIENTIFIC FACT.

Thoughts happen in your brain (which is a physical thing, right?)

When you have a thought it lights up neurons.

Those neurons create pathways.

Those pathways determine your physical actions, conscious and unconscious.

And your actions are what create your life.

You are not where you are today without your actions.

WHY is this important?

Because so many of us are caught up in changing out actions (eat better, workout more, meditate more often)

That we forget we must change our THOUGHTS before we change our actions.

The words you use in your mind, consciously and unconsciously, shape your entire life.

To change your life, you must change your thoughts.

Here’s what you can do today..

Replace ‘should’ with ‘could’

If you say ‘I really should exercise more’.. it sounds like you don’t really want to do it, right?

But if you say ‘I could exercise more if I wanted to’ it gives you a CHOICE and opens up the possibility.

Try this ONE strategy today and see how the possibilities open up in your life! 

This is just one strategy I teach my NLP clients.

Focus on the great this week..

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