How to Get More Time in Your Day

I’m pretty sure you’ve said this before…

‘I just don’t have time to exercise.’


Oh, it’s like the NUMBER ONE thing I hear from Mums.

And you want to know what makes it worse… when Personal Trainers and other professionals simply say ‘you have time, you just need to rethink your priorities..’ 


Nooo, what you need is a STRATEGY, a Mum Hack, that magically gives you the time for exercise, am I right?

Your wish is my command!!

Get this (and stay with me through the sciencey talk).. When you exercise, you increase blood, oxygen and adrenaline running through your body.

This in turn increases your FOCUS and ATTENTION SPAN...making tasks on your to-do list happen at a faster rate.

Let’s put it this way… you wake up with a big to do list, standard?

You do a 10 min workout that really gets the heart racing.

The goodness running through your body post workout allows you to focus on the tasks on your to do list…and you get them done in HALF the time.

Now the 10 mins you spent working out is irrelevant… you got it ALL done.

Cool right?

The KEY here is, if you cannot do an hour workout, DON’T!

All you need is 5-10mins of heart racing activity to get the blood, oxygen and adrenaline goodness through your body and mind.

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