How to Set Goals and Lock Them into Your Future!

Have you ever made a goal that you haven’t achieved?

Maybe you are working toward one right now.

Maybe you are concerned you won’t achieve this goal.

But what if there was a way to truly believe it can happen..?

What if you could see the steps clearly, and know you can take them?

Use the questions below to get more clarification on your goal:

1. What if?

What if you COULD? How would your life change? What would it mean for YOU? 

2. How?

How can you make this change happen? Break it down into as many specifics as possible.

3. What can you do TODAY?

Ask this question every single day. What can I do today to take a step towards this goal?

4. How will you know?

How will you KNOW you have achieved this goal? Is it when you step on the scales? Is it when you wake up energised? Is it when you get through the day without sugar? Visualise what this moment of KNOWING looks like, sounds like and feels like.

5. Lock it into your future.

Put a date on it and write it in present tense. “I am so happy I have reached my goal of building an exercise habit” Dated 1 Dec 2018 Signed Emily Smith. Keep this with you and look at it when you are planning your intention for the day.

6. Get help if you need it! 

If you still feel like there are too many obstacles on your journey to success, seek some help! I work with my clients to clear limiting beliefs from their past and inject positive emotions and goals into their future. 

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