How to stay sane this Christmas

2020, what a year. Ready for the cherry on top? A really fucking weird Christmas.

Socially distanced Santa photos.

Zoom dinners with international relatives.

Shopping with masks on.

Still no idea what 2021 will bring.

It’s enough to send even the most sane people, crazy!

So what can you do this year to make sure you don’t completely lose the plot? What can you do to make sure you actually enjoy this festive season?

Here’s my top 3 tips

1. Put yourself FIRST.

I’m serious. YOU ARE FIRST. You cannot give from an empty cup. DOUBLE your self care. I’m not fucking around on this one, it is THE most important one.

2. Proactive calm

Breathe. As humans who are supposed to breathe to stay alive, we are pretty shite at it. Especially around Christmas. Take a few mins each morning to practice some deeeeeeep slooowwwww belly breaths to prime you for calm.

3. Have an outlet

Whether you need to cry, journal or go for a run to hold space for your emotions, have a safe place where you can do so. Honour what is coming up for you. You are not a robot, you are a human designed to FEEL.

So if you feel sad, fucking feel it and cry! If you are angry, feel it and go punch a pillow! If you are frustrated, feel it and go write down your frustrations to get it out.

Don’t avoid your emotions then explode. Feel them and release.

– – –

This year is one that will go down in history. You have a choice as to how that history goes down in your own perception. What do you choose?

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