Love Yo-Self

Maybe it’s the current climate of what is happening around the world and right here in Australia for us, which causes all sorts of chaos.

So I wanted to grab your attention for a moment and say…


One, big, long, deeeep breath.

Now if you are stressed up to your ears, OR even if you are cool calm and collected… I have something for you!

In our WonderWomen Facebook Group there is a Love Yo-Self Mediation‘ that you can access with myself and Angela Bullock from Firefly Lifecoaching.

Because I KNOW we all need a little more self-love.

All you need to do is make sure you are in my free Facebook group !

C’mon Mumma, you so deserve this. It’s going to be a quickie of about 10mins, but you will reap the benefits well beyond that.

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