Mumlife Alert! 3 Ways to Make Exercise Part of Your Day..

My gorgeous baby Sia is sick this week with bronchiolitis πŸ™ 

This means no gym! (woe is me)

So instead I need to fit in little workouts throughout my day, especially because I can’t really put the poor thing down for long without her getting beside herself.

Here are 3 ways you can still move your body with purpose when time’s like this happen in mum life!..

  1. Brushing your teeth? WALL SQUAT! Press your back against the wall, feet away from the wall and sit down till the knees are at 90 degrees. Sit there for 1minutes while you brush your teeth. Feel the burn in the quads!!
  2. Kids in the bath? PUSH UPS!! Place your hands on the side of the bath, just wider than your chest, and do some incline push ups. This will not only be good for you but highly entertaining for your kids!
  3. Every time you check your phone today jump up and do 10 starjumps/ jumping jacks!


Ad on TV – PLANK!

Try it today. Stick it on a post-it note on your phone!

Teeth- SQUAT




I hope your family are keeping well this winter..

Let me know how you go with this strategy!!

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