Rewards When Exercising

When you think of the word ‘REWARD’… what do you think of?

A reward of wine when you’ve made it through a tough day?

A reward of a massage when you’ve achieved a goal?

Rewards are things that make us feel good.

Wine, chocolate, massages, facials… well damn, give that to me daily and I’ll feel amazing!

But do you know what else makes us feel good? Exercise!

So why do so many people do exercise as a punishment!!?

Instead of working out to burn calories and punish yourself for doing the most natural thing in the world- eating- try using exercise as a reward!

Reward yourself for a hard days work by strolling through a beautiful garden.

Reward yourself for achieving a goal by attending a yoga workshop.

Reward your mind for practising self control by smashing out a dance class and losing yourself to the music.

As soon as you see exercise as a REWARD, you’ll want to do it so much more!

And not only will you feel good for earning your reward, but your reward will make you feel good LONG TERM – not guilty. Win/Win!

Need a quick and rewarding workout – check out this 5min workout here!

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