Uplevel Your EVENINGS

In the health and fitness industry we harp on a lot about the importance of a morning routine.

And while I ABSOLUTELY agree with having a morning routing, because it sets a positive tone for the day..

There is another time in the day that can be just as beneficial.

Especially for MUMS!

When the kids go to bed…

We can often have a few HOURS to ourselves. 

Re-read that… HOURS!!

So what do you do in your evening?

Is it soul nurturing? Does it make you feel rested? Does it help you restore balance?

OR… are you like me and spend time watching TV and scrolling through your phone?

I’ve recently realised how uninspiring this is.. and decided to make a change.

NOT in order to be more productive or organised in the evenings.

But as a chance to reset, revitalise and prepare for a restful sleep and thus a fantastic new day ahead.

I’d LOVE you to join me in this. I have only made a few small changes for now as I need it to be realistic.

Here is my new evening routine:

7pm Girls go to bed
Spend 30mins tidying and organising for next day.
7:30pm Watch one episode of chosen series with hubby, NO PHONES!
8:15pm Get prepared for bed – PJs on, brush teeth etc
8:30pm 20mins Yoga with Adrianne (Youtube!)
9pm Into bed and read novel until eyes get heavy and ready for sleep!

I am hoping this makes a 5:30am wake up a bit easier, my sleep more rested, my mindset more positive and my evenings more fulfilling. 

Here are some ideas of what you could add to your evening routine to make it more meaningful:

– Plan the day ahead so you don’t go to bed thinking about it
– Unplug from technology and play a card game with your partner
– Gentle exercise such as yoga or tai chi
– Meditate for 5 mins 
– Inhale some calming oils
– Get creative in whatever way best suits you
– Read a novel that helps you detach from the day
– Write down your thoughts, feelings and gratitude
– Reflect on your day. What made you smile? 
– If the night is clear go outside and stargaze

I would love it if you reply and tell me what you are going to do with your evenings now!

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