WARNING: Unspeakable truths…

There are 3 things as Mums we all know but we DON’T want to talk about…
1. Laughing is no longer as fun when you wet yourself
2. Sex is less common than kids asking for salad
3. Loneliness is there regardless of the noisy life and constant talking (nagging, yelling)

What if I told you the ONE thing you can do to SOLVE ALL OF THE ABOVE? 

Would you do it? 

1. Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is VERY real and you are not alone.

Firstly, you should see your doctor and physio to ensure you don’t need any medical treatment.Once cleared, the best thing you can do is EXERCISE. The best website I have found with great Pelvic Floor exercises is this one. THEN, once you feel comfortable. Regular STRENGTH training will really help, especially around the core, hips and legs. Think planks, squats and lunges. 

2. SEX stops happening for a few reasons.

So many mums are ashamed of their bodies. And so many of us lack energy. EXERCISE is the answer to this again.Your body may never be the same again (you produced a human after all!!) but EXERCISE gives us endorphins that make us feel good! And when you feel good, you feel sexy, have more energy, and hey presto…lets go to bed early tonight! 

3. No one every prepared me for how lonely Mum Life could be.

You spend your whole day talking to a little human/s and yet somehow, it’s not enough. EXERCISE is the answer again. Why? It gets your out of your comfort zone, so even if you aren’t willing to exercise with other mums (which is also great!) you will have more CONFIDENCE to make friends with Mum’s and get out and about. 

Try this quick routine – safe for pelvic floor dysfunction – today! Then get out there and feel energised, sexy and confident!

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