What’s Your Story

Here’s todays story.

I took my daughter to Peppa Pig for her birthday, but on the way to the car we saw the Mum in the car next to us open her door straight into our car. She scratched the paint. Bad luck for her we saw, and exchanged details.

Here’s yesterdays story. (bare with me…I’m getting to the point)

We had no power for almost 12 hours. I was in line in the hectic supermarket getting supplies with a sleeping baby in one arm and a shopping basket in the other, when some dickhead 50year old man pushed in front of me. Like, wtf?

So what’s my point?

When someone asked me about my day… I didn’t mention these stories.


Because there is no point in letting these small things ruin my day.

Be honest, when something like this happens to you … do you vent to more than 1 person about it?

And does it ACTUALLY make you feel better?

Some things REALLY grind my gears – to be honest the 50 year old man was lucky he didn’t get punched (I had no spare hands).

But if I had of started an argument and put even more negative energy into the situation, do you think I would have walked away feeling happier? No.

Here’s the lesson from this email.

No story, no problem.

If you want less problems in your life. Stop letting stories define it.

Your mood, thoughts and actions do not have to be defined by events in your day. Your mood, thoughts and actions are decided by you.

You can’t expect the same of a toddler of course. 😛

Next time something shit happens tell yourself.. No story, no problem. Let it go. Move on.

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