Words create our reality.

Words create your world.

Fat. Shame. Ugly. Gross. Tired. Bored. Lazy. Stupid.

How often do these words run through your head when you think about yourself or talk to yourself?

They’re just words.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”, right?


Words create our reality.

Today is just a day. But the words you use to describe your day impact the way you experience it.

“Beautiful morning!” (good mood)

“One of those days…” (shit mood)

See what I mean? And no, I am not just talking about positive thinking, I’m talking about the scientific neurology you have created within yourself that impacts your physical body based on the words you consistently use.

It is TIME to shift this shit. To shift these words. To start changing your neurology.

A new year is a few days away. Are you going to run the same patterns, or are you going to start taking your own power back and create your own fucking epic reality?

It is your CHOICE.

Here one activity you can do today:

Choose some new words to inject into your day. What are some empowering words you can use on the subjects of: health, love, relationships, finances, career, family, fun…

Take these words and plaster them where you will see them. On your fridge, mirror, and back of the toilet door.

Use these words DAILY. And watch your mindset improve.

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